The Firebird ButlerΒΆ

The Firebird Butler is a separate division under Firebird Project. The purpose of this sub-project is to develop and provide solutions to various Firebird-related challenges faced by Firebird administrators and application developers, that are not (for practical reasons) addressed by the core Firebird distribution.

The primary aim of the sub-project is to create a development platform and a set of basic solutions to manage Firebird installations of any size, structure and complexity - with an emphasis on large corporate installations. However, the scope and ambitions of the Firebird Butler project are much broader, as we would like initiate development of the entire open source ecosystem of projects and other products, including commercial ones, in various languages. Projects could encompass not just the new services, but alternative implementations of the standard services as well. Moreover, the Firebird Butler Development Platform should become a solid foundation for development of any applications that use Service Oriented Architecture and messaging.

For a closer look at the project goals and strategies, please read the Introduction to Firebird Butler.